About Scaffinder

Scaffinder was originally founded in 2007 to address specific London issues which many scaffolding operators in the capital felt were not being adequately covered by existing scaffolding industry associations.

We are always at the forefront of scaffolding industry initiatives channeled through its diverse member committee and has been instrumental with the promotion of Health And Safety Work at Height Regulation 2005 to a number of influential scaffolding companies and top management within Scaffolding hire Services Industry, the Environment Agency, the Association of British Insurers and Government.

As a trade association representing scaffolding companies who supply and install scaffolding services. Scaffinder represents over 150 scaffolding companies operating in London and UK. We believe this gives us a significant voice in putting forward the views and needs of our members and also enables us to provide a guarantee of quality, standards and training that answers the requirements of our customers. Our customers range from the general public to the largest national construction companies and private households and landlords.

We feel that by working together with scaffolding companies, customers and suppliers, we have and can continue to raise the standards, image and efficiency of the scaffolding industry to the benefit of all concerned. Staff Finder has built a cooperative, communicative and mutually beneficial relationship with all interested stakeholders. All Scaffolders Board members have regular meetings to discuss health and safety issues of concern and interest. Guest speakers, attend meetings in order to further relationships and increase networking. Scaffinder committee, on instructions from the membership, meets with representatives from all major organizations to discuss common issues and promote our aims.

Any scaffolding company can apply to join Scaff Finder, this of course is dependent that they meet the Association’s standards. Details of Scaffinder’s purpose and how to become a member can be found in the ‘ Joining Us’ section.

The benefits to the public by using a Scaffinder member are that they know that the scaffolding company will operate with the latest industry safety standards, maintain equipment, training and insurance that meet high standards of professionalism. These standards are accepted at the highest levels of HSE.

A list of company members, the areas they cover and the services they offer can be found in the ‘Company Members‘ section.

We hope that this site will be of interest to members of the public, construction companies and anyone who needs scaffolding.