Scaffolding Cost

How Much Scaffolding Cost in London and UK?

  1. You’ll usually pay per square metre of scaffolding. This is often around £12 to £22 all depend on the outline of the building. If you need edge protectors and handrails, these are typically charged on top and usually are charged £15 per meter run.
  2. The best way to hire the right scaffolding contractor is to ask for at least three quotes and be very specific with your project description, ( we always recommend you send pictures of the building for analysing.)
  3. If you’re flexible with the dates you need it, you have more bargaining power, this is classed as live job, so always mention you have a live job starting on a nearby date

Four factors that make the final cost of scaffolding?

  1. Length of Scaffolding Hire – this is likely to drive the cost more than any other factor as its cost is on weekly bases. Are you doing work for two weeks or two months, and do you have an expected completion date from the contractor who is using the scaffolding? 
  2. Height of the Scaffold – the higher your scaffolding, the greater the cost as there is a need for more labours to install. When arranging quotes, explain your project requirements in detail to the scaffolding company so you can see how high you will need to go. You’ll also pay more if you need bridges and the scaffold is placed on public highways where licence is required.
  3. Restrictions  – if your project requires scaffolding on a restricted space or footpath, you’ll need to factor permission to install the scaffold, and there are likely to be costs involved. Don’t hire a scaffolding company before getting your permits approved as you might be charged for loss of time. 
  4. Ease of access – if the scaffolding company can get the frame up quickly and efficiently, then costs will be low. If the scaffolding needs to be manoeuvred through tight passages or even through the building, then the cost will go up.