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Through Scaffinder.com, you have the ability to quickly and easily tell thousands of other Scaffinder users about your experiences with a scaffolding company.

That’s really great news for the companies that do quality work – and not so great those who don’t!

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  • Access to our Complaint Resolution Team If you don’t receive the quality of work that you expected from a scaffolding company, give us a call and we’ll work to resolve the situation on your behalf.
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Borrow Some Experience

More than 6 million households in London and nationwide, find local scaffolding providers with Scaffinder. The people who use Scaffinder are just like you — real folks looking for a way to find trustworthy companies that perform high-quality work in time every time.

We’ve found that you’re more likely to get a quick call back when scaffolding contractors know that you’ve found them on Scaffinder, the crews show up on time and work is completed faster and at an agreed cost!

Ratings, Reviews and (Sometimes) Revenge”

Scaffinder members submit reviews every month about the scaffolding companies they hired. Included are details about how the project went (including cost), and grade the company’s response time, price, professionalism and quality of work — good or bad — on an A to F scale.